Warning: This is not your bubbe's brisket

this sassy guide for good Jewish girls tells all.

In chapters like How to Lose a Guy in Ten Plagues, Challahpalooza, and Too Cool for Shul, author and singles columnist Carin Davis details - among other things - kosher kissing, cooking kugel, and finding a mensch in a haystack. The perfect primer for the trendy yenta, this humorous handbook will show you how to tame your Jewfro, rock Shabbat, cook Couch Potato Latkes, and dance the Hora in heels. Whether you're an observant Hebrew hottie or just Jew-ish, have made it to the chuppah or are still searching for your mensch, you'll love learning how to mix your Jewish roots with your happening lifestyle. You'll become a modern maven in no time.

Tips for the Trendy Yenta

Trying to lose those last five pounds? Kick-start your diet by fasting on Yom Kippur! Work on forgiveness and your figure? I'll say Amen to that!  TIP ARCHIVE >