Have you ever looked for half price High Holiday tickets?

Or asked “which boots should I wear to this bris?”

Are you looking for the “It” shul?

Or a nice Jewish boy? Well, ladies, look no further.

Fully loaded with fun to read chapters on Jewish dating, Jewish holidays, and Jewish customs, Life, Love, Lox by Carin Davis is a must have celebration of dynamic Jewish life and stylin’ Jewish identity.

Why is this book different than all other books? Bursting with playful anecdotes and amusing advice, it’s the essential companion for anyone looking to squeeze a little fun and laughter out of the ol’ Torah. Covering everything from kosher cocktails and makin’ matzah balls to JDate and the Dayenu Diet, this hilarious book will light a candle under the tuchus of young Jewish women and show them how to merge musty traditions with modern life.

A can’t miss for any post-Bat Mitzvah, pre-babushka, fun-loving Hebrew hottie, this book’s the ideal read for Jewish brides, singles, students, newlyweds, new moms, and conversion candidates. Life, Love, Lox also makes a great housewarming, Chanukah, hostess, shower, birthday, or mother-of-the bris gift.

Irreverent, informative, and entertaining, this go-to guide will remind modern Jewish women why no one puts bagel in the corner.