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"A kosher Carrie Bradshaw if there ever was one... [Davis] makes learning about Judaism's culture and traditions as enjoyable as any sexy, vampire-based beach read."
- Arizona Republic


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"Laugh-out-loud humor... It’s the Shulchan Aruch (code of Jewish law) meets ‘Sex and the City’"... covers the gamut of Jewish holidays, rituals, concepts and, of course, food, through hilarious word-plays, pop-culture references, anecdotes and a high-level Jewish literacy."


"It's a refreshing, kitschy and quick read think "Sex and the City's" Carrie Bradshaw meets Charlotte York-Rosenblatt... [this] humorous handbook is tailored to every modern Jewish woman, whether she's unattached and on the prowl for a NJB (nice Jewish boy), or she's hosting her in-laws for the first time at a second-night seder."
- J Weekly


"Its tough out there for a Jewish girl you work hard, you play hard, you JDate often and you also want to incorporate some Judaism into your busy lifestyle. Luckily, Carin Davis has written a handbook to guide you through every step of the way."
- JUF News


"Carin Davis gives the type of advice Carrie Bradshaw might give but with a Jewish twist."
- The Jewish Daily Forward


"A must-have manual for todays Jewish girls"
- The American Jewish World


"covers everything from Jewish history to holiday recipes to fashion advice — in a fun, sassy format"
- Oy!Chicago


"An entertaining look at life as a single, observant Jewish woman"
- JTNews


"As entertaining as it is informative"
- Arts on The Move


"Life, Love, Lox delivers"
- TC Jewfolk


"New twists on old recipes"
- The Jewish Voice & Herald